Rieta Dent

A silver-tongued Tiefling Warlord.


Rieta was raised in a well off family as the oldest of 4 siblings. Her younger brothers, Despair and Poet, were natural fighters and trained to be in the military at an early age. Her younger sister had the misfortune of being in her shadow. Rieta never showed much care for being on the front lines of fighting, but could pursuade by charm or inimidation well. She once tried experimenting with magic, but after an incident with alchemist fire and her pet ardvark, she decided magic was not the right way to go. And as her parents forced encouraged her, to learn the ways of Bane and become strong so she wouldn’t be crushed.

So as her job choices diminished, she noticed something; allthough her brothers were strong, they had stones for brains. They needed to have someone tell them what to do and she could do it well. She started with having them do simple things, like collect money from families who couldn’t keep payments on their weapons (her family were well know arms merchants). The she talked them into “persuading” other merchants to change jobs. Her parents had enough of her. She was 20 and still living at home. Though she did make sales boom in the last months. But they decided that she should take her ablilities and use them for her country. So she did and she searches for other people to work with and spread Heladins wealth across the continent.

Rieta Dent

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