Huel Taltos

A Tiefling Warlock with a certain distaste for Orcs.


Huel grew up in the slums of Kerrion surrounded by violence, and death. He was always afraid, always vigilant after watching a band of Orcs kill his parents. He holds a hatred for Orcs. He saw a Human named Kragar wandering around, he gave off a look that he was living a good life. Huel tried to steal some money from this Human but Kragar had caught Huel before he could run off. Kragar felt something special about the boy something different from most children. So he then toke Huel under his wings and taught him the ways of the Warlock. It was then that he realized Huel was gifted in the arts of curses and infernal magic.

Huel was put through rigorous training for his entire childhood. After many difficult and near-death experiences he returned to his home after completing the task Kragar had appointed to him, only to find that his master had been killed. Anger swept through to him and he reached out with all his power seeking some form of help. He was then approached by Tiamat who said “I have seen your life and it has been paved by death, and suffering. If you are willing to follow under me fate may shine upon you and allow you a chance at avenging your master. Will you accept?” Huel stared in disbelief but it was as if he was speaking words that weren’t his own, he replied ” I vow my allegiance to you, do with me what you will as long as I may strike down on those would would cause me suffering.”

It was their that he started his new life. A life of vengeance.

Huel Taltos

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